Red hot marketing that draws more leads and buyers to you

Selling as we know it is out.
Entertaining & Engaging is in.


Welcome to AdToons! We are the number one choice for personality-driven cartoon marketing, whiteboard animation and other amazing marketing techniques. Being pioneers and showcasing whiteboard animation in the direct response world, we know a thing or two about eliciting more leads and sales from your traffic that visits your website. We have the data that support our videos generate 20%, 30%, 85% and even as high as 244% more leads and more sales than traditional boring marketing Power Point or “talking head” videos. Can our competition say that? We look forward to working with you in the future.


I’m gonna cut through the clutter and help you understand why we deliver professional presentations to the amateurs out there. Yes, it may offend some, but my goal is to help you make an informed decision regarding your whiteboard animation investment.

Global language

Since the advent of the Internet our market has expanded across the globe. So as a business owner it’s imperative to have a language that communicates with our brothers and sisters from every corner on earth. But not just any language, a VISUAL language. AdToons do just that.

No Art Drones Here

We actually have real people working behind the scenes with professional art degrees that have a combined 24+ years experience in art and marketing. These are not “wanna be artists” that let the computer draw stiff lifeless characters and simply move animated arms around the canvas.

We have tested both ways and guess what… a real hand making real artwork resonates better with people. But if you have time to learn software and want to use canned stock illustration, that is up to you.

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