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AdToons VSLs
(Video Sales Letters)

AdToons VSLs™
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AdToon VSLs are our premeire product.

We are the founders of this direct response whiteboard animation in the Internet marketing niche.

If you've seen similar videos, chances are excellent that those were either created by us or they have been "inspired" by ours. Yes, we pride ourselves on creating original content that captures your prospects attention and ultimately, drives 59% more sales and 28% more leads.

We have the data to support these claims of increased sales and leads, just ask.

The fastest way to get your project started is to sign up for a FREE CONSULTATION wherein Vince and his team of marketing experts can get you on the waiting list to discuss how a video sales letter could potentially double your profits or double your opt ins, and answering any questions you have.

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Adtoons Brand Logos Are
Used in Advertising on Websites,
Blogs and other applications

What do Bart Simpson, Mickey Mouse and Kenny from South Park all have in common?

You guessed it. Yes, they are all cartoons. However, what you may not realize is that each one of these characters is a personality dynamo.    In fact, these larger than life personalities are the number one reason why these characters are so popular.

Now, what do Mr. Clean, The Michelen Man, The Pillsbury Dough Boy and The Jolly Green Giant have in common? Yes, they are all cartoon-like characters that market products and services -and sell tons of products in the process  – for big corporations.

Well, now it is time to transform you into a charismatic cartoon - with loads of personality - to generate more leads for your online and offline marketing efforts.  After all, you do want to generate leads and add more zeros to your bottom line – don’t you?

A cartoon character is a unique way to connect with your audience - without adding a word of copy to your promotional materials. All the major players have implemented this stealth way of marketing for several years now. The method is unique and edgy. In fact, it is the fastest way to inject personality to your marketing efforts - without adding even one word of ad copy.

Learning about this highly effective marketing technique is not a daunting task – simply take a look at our complete portfolio of products that are strategically designed to enhance your marketing and sales process.

Let's start with our signature AdToons Original cartoon. This item has been used by such legendary marketers as Dan Kennedy, Matt Furey and Yanik Silver. We also offer AdToons Minis if you are interested in a condensed cartoon version.  Want to increase the responsiveness of your sales copy and promo material? Then AdToons Archive is what you need. Last but not least, you can learn all about our popular Acme AdToons.  With this service, we personalize cartoons with your likeness. Choose from our oversized gallery of amazing colorful images.

Returning AdToons Clients – please review all of the different cartoon applications that we now offer.

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AdToons Originals™ - Brand Logos
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Our AdToon Original becomes your signature cartoon that your prospects and clients remember you by. This character is created based on the likeness of you, the business owner. At the same time, we can create a character - like Mr. Clean – that can represent the entire company. There are several ways to utilize these characters to increase the personality of your brand and product with your target audience.

Past clients used these characters on their websites, in their hard copy newsletters, in email ezines, and in many more places. Showcasing your AdToons in many different areas gives your marketing materials a uniform look and feel. Of course, there are also many product applications where you can display the artwork: book and manual covers, CD and DVD labels are just a few of the examples.

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Starting at: $4,500



"Once Your Brand Logo is Done, What's Next?"

After we create your AdToon Original, many times my clients ask, "What's Next"? Well, there are many marketing applications in which to put your AdToons to work for you – both online and offline.  Some popular examples include:  banner ads, business cards, website and blog headers, your own funny pages, books and manuals, and more.

AdToons Banner Ads™
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Online marketing and advertising is growing at an alarming rate - even as we speak.  More and more customers buy via the web than any other consumer channel - including walking into a retail store or buying on TV. These animated banners are the best way to grab the attention of buyers - and direct them to your product pages where you close the sale with good ad copy.


Package includes 3 different sized designs with the same message on  each banner.


Starting at: $399


AdToons Business Cards
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Don't settle for a boring business card designed with zero personality. The next time you shake the hand of your prospect, leave them with an amazing card that garners a laugh and a "Wow, that's cool and different" response.   After all, don’t you want to differentiate yourself from the competition?

Package includes 150 business cards with this package.

Available for AdToons clients only.

Cards designed using AdToons (cartoons) only



Starting at: $499


AdToons Optin-Windows
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If you don't have this feature on your website, just what are you waiting for? This feature is the fastest way to accumulate a mass following of people. Every time someone types in your url or clicks their mouse from another site, you need to give them the option to subscribe to your ezine. There is no better way to put the offer on the table than to have it accompanied by a fun charismatic cartoon that catches their attention and makes them give you their email address.

Available for AdToons clients only.

Starting at: $299


AdToons Website Headers
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Add a unique masthead to your website, blog and marketing newsletter. Just like a storefront needs an engaging design - so does your website and blog. Differentiate yourself from the millions of sites and blogs out there with an adtoonized header.

Available for AdToons clients only.

Starting at: $997


AdToons Newsletter Mastheads
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Add a unique masthead to your hard copy offline newsletter. The masthead of your newsletter is the ideal place for you to let down your guard somewhat - and reveal your true personality to your audience.

We also offer design and layout services for your newsletter - and we can have it produced and even mailed for you. Visit Done4You Online for more information. Members of Done4You receive product discounts on all AdToons services.

Starting at: $997


AdToons Post Cards
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Nothing jumps off the stack of plain, boring mail than a postcard designed by AdToons. If you want to promote a sale or drive traffic to your website for a new product offering, then you'll definitely want to have your own AdToons Post Cards.

We also offer a monthly postcard program where you have access to our archive of designs to produce your own cards - and have us mail them for you. Visit Done4You Online for more information. Members of Done4You also receive product discounts on all AdToons services.

Package includes two card designs

Starting at: $997



Overnight Delivery Options

AdToons Overnight Delivery - Do you have a last minute Power Point presentation that you want to inject life into? We can help. Typically, each cartoon takes 3-4 weeks to complete. We also have a new service that allows you to get 100% percent of our focus ASAP.  And just like fedex has overnight delivery charges that are higher than normal we do as well. Add 25% to any above offer in order to have it completed in 48 hours.

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