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Introducing: The Book that Started the Cartoon Marketing Revolution!

"How to Cleverly Cut Through the Clutter of 5,000 Boring Marketing Messages and Win Your Prospects' Trust and Wallet!"

Make Yourself Larger than Life to Outsell Your Competitors
Online – Even if You Think You Have Zero Personality


Dear Friend,

Have you ever seen a gorgeous, sexy chick walk down the street?  I mean a fine attractive woman that’s a twelve on a "ten" scale - burning white hot.  

Didn’t it feel as if your eyes would pop out of your head? Then the rush of emotional energy flows to your heart. It pounds with excitement. Feeling as if it could burst from your chest with lust and love, you anticipate her walking to you.  Smelling her sweet perfume as she strolls by ... ahhh yes.

All of this happens very quickly and sequentially- bang, bang and BANG. Without thought, guaranteed.

Has that ever happened to you?

Well, it's happened to me recently -- well, sort of.

I was sitting watching the movie, “MASK” starring Jim Carey. You know the one where Jim’s character starts out as an average down-and-out Joe with a dead-end job and no woman.  He finds this Mask, puts it on and turns into a superhuman, charismatic, chick magnet.

Well, there’s one scene where he’s checkin’ out a sexy chick in a bar, and what happens? 

His eyes bug out of his head-- literally-- they fly from his eye sockets.  And then his heart pounds and jumps from his chest. You can see the heart pumping in air for a few seconds before it re-enters his body. 

I sat mesmerized.

“Mask” was one of a genre series that blended live action with cartoon animation.  The first ever was “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.”  You might have faint traces in your memory of Jessica Rabbit, wife of Rodger, who was the voluptuous sexy ‘Toon with a red dress that starred in the movie.

These movies were great examples of wild exaggerations of reality.  They captured our interest and held our attention for hours.  Anytime you entertain someone, that person will come back and pay again and again. Hence, the reason they came out with Mask II.

Bottom line: Entertainment sells!

"Id say your AdToon made a BIT of a difference. Take a look at the highlighted date in the image to the left and let me know what you think. Ha, ha. Thanks sooo much, Vince - Keep kickin'-butt!"

John Wood

Now apply this concept to your online business.  There are over 10 million other websites like yours out there.  The 'Net is full of content-- some good content and some terrible. Fact is, the net is not short on content.  Are you sick of me saying the word "content?"  Content, content, content (thought I’d slip a few more in there).  People are numb from "information overload."

In order to get your products sold and have people sign into your mail list for future “sales”, you need to not only inform them but also ENTERTAIN 'em.

If you entertain them, you’ll hold them spellbound like me watching “Mask” and then they’ll drop their guard. That’s the exact moment you deliver your knockout punch -- your powerful marketing message.

I’ve helped several successful and well known website personalities create characters and cartoon messages to sell their products online. These images I've called AdToons.

Saving Mundane Marketing One Website at a Time

Hi my name is Vince Palko, AKA, "The Godfather of Cartoons" here with one mission. It's to save all businesses from what I call "fall asleep - boring" marketing. Ninety percent of websites out there bore the pants off visitors and therefore never get the sales they truly desire. AdToons can help with this, as AdToons have done with so many of my clients.

"The Art of Selling Using Cartoons"
by Vince Palko

More on my clients in a bit. But first, allow me to share 5 important reasons why AdToons need to be in your marketing. You desperately need AdToons to spice up your marketing when ...

  • Your personality is absent from your marketing and website
  • Your sales page is one giant wall of text
  • You try to be someone you are not -- by copying other people’s marketing
  • Nothing draws your reader in to pause and say, “Wow, what’s that.”
  • Your marketing in general has zero entertaining appeal

I've created a resource to help you with all of this. I created the book,The Art of Selling using Cartoons. In it, I reveal the psychology cartoons play in selling a ton of your products online and offline. I give you ways to change your piss boring marketing into something that engages prospects, grabs them by the tie and invites them to buy.


How cartoons send beaucoup bucks into
your bank account


"Your BOOK taught me as much about the Online business as anything I have read or any seminar I have been to in years. No Joke!"

"Vince, I just went to Wisconsin and Peter had the book you had sent to me, along with the Mouse Pad and brochure. I was EXTREMELY impressed by all the relevant information in it. In fact, it basically taught me as much about the Online business as anything I have read or any seminar I have been to in years. No Joke!

And one other thing: I have TONS of books, reports, articles and brochures ALL over the house. I mean everywhere as all I am trying to d is learn, learn, learn. I want to be a major player on the Internet and feel like I need to absorb all I can. Anyway, NEVER once have any of my 3 kids looked at any of my materials. Everything to them is just boring, selling stuff. But guess what? I found my 15 year old son reading your brochure from he book and look at it from page to page. The POWER of cartoons and effective illustrations is just UNBELIEVABLE!! He has never even peeked at anything else; but with the visuals you created, he not only picked them up, but found a lot of interest in the messages.

Thanks Vince for all you do. I sure hope we can do business in the future!"

Ted Butler


"The Art of Selling is a Great Book! The quality is amazing. I love the bonus chapter on Dr. Suess, and the points you made about Disney throughout the book. An excellent resource for anyone who wants to be noticed in the business world or any worthwhile endeavor. I highly recommend it."

Ralph Plaskett

Author of Peculiar Marketing


Why Charismatic Cartoons Make Your Marketing Magical

Matt Furey, a Multi-Millionaire, Uses AdToons for his Business

Ted Giesel, better known as Dr. Seuss said: "I like nonsense- it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. It's a way of looking through life in the wrong end of the telescope, which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities."

Dr. Seuss can't be more right! If you can't have fun with your business and marketing, your prospects won't perceive you as unique or different. These factors separate good marketers from outstanding ones.

It's a little known fact that Dr. Seuss, before he became wildly famous for his children's books, used his cartoon style characters for large companies like Ford and GE as well as several other well known companies.

Yep, it's true. Before all the corporate suits and their flashy websites and ads, there was one genius making a difference with marketing.

I’ve had the great fortune to work with multi-millionaires like Dan Kennedy and Matt Furey over the last few years. There is a reason heavy hitters like these two use AdToons in their marketing campaigns. Its because they work and make your business more money. Matt has a ton of fun making money on the Internet. Not only does he display AdToons for his email opt-in but for his sales letters as well. You can read why Matt Furey and other major players invest in AdToons when you crack open the book, "The Art of Selling Using Cartoons."


And here is a sample of what my cleints are saying about their personal AdToons...

matt furey increase sales

“I saw a 40% bump in email opt-ins since I put up my ‘Toon Vince created. Listen to what Vince has to share regarding his best kept secret to increase sales and improving your lead generation.”

Matt Furey - MattFurey.com


yanik silver increase sales

“If you want to stand out from the rest of the 'boring' crowd - use Vince for a personalized Adtoon! See for yourself what a difference it makes.”

Yanik Silver - SureFireMarketing.com


jim meisenheimer increase sales

"Vince - your stuff works. My Email Opt-ins  have increased 200% as a direct result of your creative work. Thanks a million!"

Jim Meisenheimer



dr dave increase sales

“I’ve seen triple the amount of Opt-ins using AdToons. This was the first time since JVing with two heavy hitters in the info publishing business that I’ve seen such a HUGE bump in Opt-Ins.”

Dave Woynarowski, M.D - Dr.DavesBest.com


pete the printer sales

"Vince is amazing, he captures your likeness
perfectly in his caricatures. My cartoon character is now coming to life and will be featured on many of my new 48 Hour Day Success Programs. I highly recommend Vince Palko for your next marketing project! Thanks Vince!"

Pete Lillo/ Aka Pete the Printer


michael gravette increase sales

“Vince captured the essence of what I wanted with very little input from me because I wasn't quite sure what I wanted.

He sent over a couple of black and white sketches and I was able to narrow it down.  He then colored it, which I didn't change at all...just made some small changes in the wording and it was ready to go.  The entire process went very quickly.

I've been using my AdToon for some time now in a pop-up window with a sign up form for my mailing list.  I was averaging 8 signups a day and now I'm averaging 20-28 sign-ups.

For anyone who understands how much money is in a list, the cartoon from Vince is a gold mine.”

Michael Gravette - SafetyTechnologies.com


"Working with Vince was great. He was very patient as we worked through several different ideas, until we came up with just the right angle... I don't have any hard numbers, but I'm sure his cartoons helped contribute to our mega-successful product
launch in December, that did $250k the first hour and $650k that week!"

Brett Fogle - OptionsUniversity.com


Retail price $47. For Sale only $27 plus (S&H)increase sales


Like Magnets and Good Comedians, AdToons Attract a Big Following

I respect the privacy of my clients.  So I can't show you their results. However, I show you some of my many results using a strategy for email list building done on Google.

When it comes to selling products on Google, it serves as a good place to start to market your product.  There are many ways to build traffic and acquire emails. I realize this, but I wanted to show you stats from a recent campaign, you'll want to sink your teeth into. 

ere’s some more proof AdToons work

These numbers are conservative.
I've seen percentages well above 30 percent.

My email inbox is stuffed with prospects willingly handing over their names and emails. The image to the right is proof. These are opt-ins coming from a squeeze page. Of the percent (0.3%) that click on my ad (CRTs) almost 26% (Conv. Rate) willingly give me their emails and names. Compare that to about 3% (Conv. Rate) before using a 'Toon on the same entry page. This is from just one ad and one day mind you. You could imagine how big your list could grow in an entire year. And as your list grows, so does your sales.


Sign-Up for Vince's Outrageous Cartoon Marketing Tips.
Receive a boatload of fresh, cutting edge ideas to outsell anyone online. Also, you'll be the first alerted to product discounts and pointed to new AdToons as they are created.

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When you think in terms of direct response advertising a 1% hit rate is usually good.  Check out how many prospects are giving me their email because of a strategy using a cartoon.  Throwing out the FREE reports and free teleseminar and offering just the email newsletter. Of the people who click my ads a whopping 15.5% Opted into my email list. Google provides code that allows me to tell who opted in.  That means I now have new prospects to sell products to. Multiply this number over the course of one year and without the exponential math (of people forwarding to other people) - you could gather a substantial list of 2,500 people. All coming from only one Ad and one resource.


Retail price $47. For Sale only $27 plus (S&H)increase sales


Online business owners:  don’t let this information slip by you.  If you choose to do so, that’s entirely up to you.  I CANNOT force you to do anything against your will.  I can however, tell you though with every minute that passes and you ignore this message, you’re passing on potential prospects piling up on your website store front. 

The sooner you start, the faster and easier you get rich

Investing in your business is much more beneficial for you in the long run. Dan Kennedy says it's far more beneficial to invest in you and your business than to invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. Reason being, nothing compares to the "return on investment from nurturing and acquiring good customers." You own the gold mine of prospects and customers and are near in total control.

Now, you could choose to ignore this promotion but you'd risk relying on others to build your list and sell your products for you. Don't you want to be the one everyone comes to for JV opportunities? This is the power position all online businesses want to be in.

To sweeten the pot, I'll also throw in a few bonuses that add up to a lot of cash.

Special Bonus #1: For ordering NOW, you'll also receive a"The Rolls Royce of Cartoon Creations " mousepad for FREE. Subconsciously reprogram your mind to think prosperity every time you touch this pad. You have to be one of the first, though. We only have 150 pads of this hilariously funny cartoon collector's item. (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.) This is $27 of value.

Special Bonus #2: In my book, "The Art of Selling Using Cartoons," you'll receive a Bonus Section titled
"Dr. Seuss' 10 Amazing Cartoon Marketing Tips."

These never before published Dr Seuss original cartoon ads are absolutely fabulous. By themselves these are worth the entire package and then some. Theses RARE old-time ads

reveal that 'Ole Doc wasn't just a talented children's book writer. You'll love them because any business owner can leverage these for their own advertisements. Learning from Dr. Seuss' world-class ads, you will understand the importance of moneymaking ads using both rich text and imagery. This is valued at $227.

Special Bonus #3: You will also receive a Special Report titled, "How to Pull Prospects Out of Thin Air." My systematic Cartoon Marketing approach will have prospects beggin' to give you their email and eventually convert into your customer. This is valued at $159.

SUPER Special Bonus #4: Plus, when you purchase "The Art of Selling Using Cartoons," you'll also pocket up to $1,500 in discounts off my custom cartoon work. I do NOT normally hand these discounts out. I don't have to, my schedule is backlogged with clients wanting to work with me. My publisher persuaded me to create these AdToon Coupons in this first run ONLY. Simply to promote my book. After these copies are gone -- there will be no

Super Discounts included in any copy of the book.And you'll have to hurry. I've only printed 199 of these books with money saving certificates inside. So you'll want to be among the first who buy to receive the savings.

When it's all said and done, you're looking at well over $1,997 in value from this marketing package deal. I CANNOT sweeten the pot much more than that!

Know this, mediocre marketing gets mediocre results. But mega powerful marketing tactics get mega powerful results.


Vince Palko

P.S. Walt Disney said, "Entertainment in its broadest sense has become a necessity rather than a luxury in the life of the American public." I think Walt knew a thing 'er two about magnetically attracting scores of people to his theme park. Now, if your prospect expects entertainment visiting your site - do they get it? How can you learn from the late Disney? Will you continue to bore the pants off your visiting prospects? Or will you learn the key secrets to make your prospects LEARN and LAUGH at the same time by grabbing a copy of this amazing book, "The Art of Selling Using Cartoons." The choice is up to you.

P.P.S. When you receive your book in the mail, you'll also receive over $1,500 in discounts on my services. If you are in any kind of business it would behoove you to get this book pronto and take advantage of this marketing enhancing opportunity NOW!


Retail price $47. For Sale only $27 plus (S&H)increase sales



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