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What We Need From You Before The Godfather
Can Create Your Cartoon Campaign

Reference sample photos for your review:

When clients initially begin to work with The Godfather of Cartoons, one of the first "To Do" items is to supply us with head shots so that we can match your likeness in a cartoon format.  While the finished product will not resemble portrait style paintings, the characters do resemble your face and likeness -  branded in a cartoon format.   This fun and upbeat charismatic cartoon is great for all marketing purposes that include producing t-shirts, banners and many other add-on items.

That said, three different photo shots are needed to start any project. Please see the image below. Please also note that if you can only supply the front angle, that's perfectly fine. The side and three quarter shots are simply "nice to have's"... However, the Godfather likes to be able to see you from all angles as a flat photo observing you from the front is not always representative of how you really look.
Front Angle
Profile angle

Three quarters angle

View how this client's AdToon turned out:


Once your cartoon design is complete, we then begin working to create additional designs for your website or blog as seen in our Website Design Makeover page.


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