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"Behind the Scenes Look at Creating the AdToons"

This process reveals how The Godfather works on every AdToon.  In it, you will see how he creates his one-of-a-kind AdToons to bring to life characters of everyday people.  Even people who think they have zero personality radiate with charisma when The Godfather is through with them.

As you'll see, The Godfather does NOT duplicate Marvel and DC Comics like so many other cartoon websites out there. It's pretty easy to take an image of Superman change nothing about the colors or "S" symbol on his chest and plop a head on the figure. This takes zero creativity and is breaking copyright laws in so many ways. So steer clear of these wanna be hooligan knock-off artists.

Okay, nuff of that, let’s dive in.

Once he understands the high points of your products and who you are, The Godfather whips out his pencil and begins sketching your cartoon.  His process is structured to ensure that you get exactly what you want.  By providing ideas for images and input towards the process, the more he understands you, the more he can infuse bits of your personality into your marketing piece.  Approaching every cartoon this way makes each one a “masterpiece.”  At a high level, here is how The Godfather creates an AdToon:


1) Rough Sketch

He begins doodling after a brainstorm session with the client.  The Godfather tries different settings and poses to bring the character to life and add personality.  Then he posts the sketch(es) to the web for client review and feedback. 



2) Detailed Black & White

Next, he creates a detailed sketch once the concept is okayed.  The lines at this phase are clean and crisp.  After drawing the detailed sketch, again, he posts it to the web for the client to review.  If it needs more work or if something needs to be changed, The Godfather sharpens up his digital pen.  Once the client signs-off on the changes, the sketch goes to the next level. 


3) Final Color

Once G.F. makes his final adjustments, then he adds color, which is like adding icing on top of a cake.  Taking into account the client’s audience, selecting appropriate colors for the cartoon is next.  An eye-catchy color scheme is developed to bring the AdToon to life. 





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