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Look How We Magically Transform an Average Real Estate Guy into the Charming Professor Beach

Often a picture best illustrates just how The Godfather of Cartoons works his magic.

Take a look at this interesting case study about Doug Doebler, a real estate guru who specializes in pre-construction condominiums.  Doug wanted to brand himself as being a unique online resource that helped people to find the world’s best beach towns.. In fact, his website showcases places from the likes of the Turks and Caicos to the China Sea.

When I initially created this cartoon, it was important to place a globe in the image. Additionally, the magnifying glass that the The Professor holds was reminiscent of Inspector Clouseau discovering many different spots on the globe. Meanwhile, the faded back map in the background was a subtle touch that accentuated the look and feel of the Professor's website. I also decided to include a realistic shot of an actual palm tree on a coastline to further emphasize the overall beach theme of the site.

The Godfather's Website Header Makeover


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