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Why Mr Clean Works with Women


Dear Friend,

Was watching some tee-vee the other night ... and saw a Mr Clean commercial.
The new era of Clean looks like a tan, robust version of Dr. Wayne Dyer - with an ear ring.

This original cartoon of Mr Clean has been around forever. See photo below ...

And today I will reveal why.

But I will pull in a panel expert to assist me. I have a female cousin, Maureen, who stayed home to raise 8 ... count em -- 8 kiddies. She chose to forgo her modeling profession in the process. So I believe I have the ultimate MOM and house maker expert.

Back to Mr Clean...

He is the SUPER husband you'd love to hate. This stud in all white helps the woman tidy the house.

This character connects with its primary audience because it creates instant rapport with woman.


Practically, every woman on the planet is waiting for their husbands to get off their keisters and help. Waiting for them to be as meticulous about cleaning as woman are.

My cousin and I talked about this very topic at a family picnic the other weekend.
And she said, "I have woman friends taht are divorcing left and right. They have this idea in their head that the grass is greener on the other side. And that one day they will find this night
in shining armor that will romance them, not scratch their pants at inappropriate
times and clean the entire house after visiting the grocery store."

She goes on to say, that these women are living a pipe dream.

Now I am not saying I agree or disagree with my cousin. So "women's libbers" please suspend from writing any chauvinist pig love letters.

What I AM saying is as I watched this commercial the other night and thought back to my conversation with my Maureen everything added up perfectly.

Mr Clean, in essence, is women's ideal Night in Shining armor. He taps into what every woman
desires ... a big strong, stud that cleans.

So its only fitting that the company use him over and over again. And make him their primary spokes person for years and years.

Think about this.

He's a strappin lad who has the skills to scrub the grills.

Why not do this with a real person. Well, it may come across as the woman
is cheating on her husband. Cleaning guy shows up and they get real close. No way. Wouldnt work. The audience will allow a dreamy cartoon guy that resides in every woman's head. But NOT a real soap opera type flesh and blood stud.

Bottom line: this is one way of utilizing your cartoon to create better rapport with your audience.

There are many more instances where cartoons are more beneficial to use
than photos.

Mainly because they differentiate yourself from your competition.

A quick example is the Schwab investment commercials where its a real person talking and has been converted into a cartoon.

If you've seen these you instantly know what I am talking about. When I see a Schwab commercial you know right away its a Schwab product.

If you want a cartoon to instantly separate you from the mass internet sites out there, then you have come to the right place.

Simply fill out the Free Charismatic Cartoon Consultation page below and we'll take it from there.

My customers understand they get much more than a cartoon. They receive all the years of studying the psychology and branding behind them as well.

I look forward to bringing to life you own persona to create instant rapport with your audience.

Hmmm, I wonder what that would look like?


Vince Palko

The Godfather of Cartoon Marketing

Author of The Art of Selling Using Cartoons



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