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Why Logos Suck!

I gotta get this off my chest. Been brewing for a while.

When most companies start off they think the most important thing is to design a logo.

Or they need to upgrade it if its been around for awhile.

Logos suck for three reasons:

1) They are cold and lack personality.
2) They are corporate - people like to buy from people not oversized organizations.
3) They lack any memory anchor - its just a word in fancy text.

Lets look at my AdToons advertising for example to illustrate my points above. And see how it connects with my audience.

The other day, I was talking with a prospect on the phone.

And my process sold him - but I didnt have to do any of the selling. I was like I didnt
have to even speak.

He recalled exactly what I put in my ad for my cartoon services in a major magazine -- 1st key point, the ad was MEMORABLE.

He said - no one else had cartoons in their ads. It was different and attracted his attention.
2nd key point - it was UNIQUE.

Lastly, he said my pose in front of the Rolls Royce had tons of charisma. 3rd key point - Put PERSONALITY in your marketing.

He instantly could see his own future cartoon campaign doing the same for his photography
audience and side business he was starting.

He signed himself up for a brainstorm sketch. The thought was to get his cartoon presence going and once he makes more mula he'll be upgrading.

Now, that was a pretty incredible sales call, eh?

Yes, I never had to NOT talk on a sales call.

At the same time, NO, not a big deal. I am used to my cartoons being memorable and exciting.
It may sound egotistical, but its not. Simply put, your mind is stimulated by the image. It engages YOU. Its called planting a memory anchor.

And this brings me to my most instructive example of WHY LOGOS SUCK - comment.
A memory anchor is powerful in building your presence. For example, if I asked you to recall
the Jolly Green Giant, a vivid image would come to mind. However, if I asked you to recall Betty Crockers logo (the company that produces the Jolly Green Giant line), you'd have a tougher time recalling what that is.

My clients build their presence online and offline with amazing cartoon marketing campaigns.

Time for you to take advantage as well, eh?

To read more about this pick up my amazing new book, The Art of Selling Using Cartoons.

There are half a dozen coupons in the back if you are working on a shoestring budget.


Vincent Palko

The Godfather of Cartoons

P.S. If you are having any doubts that a cartoon would work for your business --
make sure to visit my Free Cartoon Consulation page and I will turn those doubts into excitement by exploring the endless possibilities for your business.






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