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What is a Visual Value Proposition?

At least 3/4 of your audience tells themselves they are a "visual person".

Thats how they learn.

Thats how they digest information.

Thats how they understand and move forward to make decisions.

The value I bring to clients is creating Visual Value Propositions.

What the heck is this?

Well, sit back. Take a breath and let me tell you.

First you've heard of elevator speeches right?

This is your 30 second pitch if you ever meet the producer of NBC in an elevator and he is curious to know what you do. He may even consider
bringing you on the morning show to share with the world.

You never get a second shot at the title if you know what I mean. So you might wanna be prepared when that moment comes.

This is marketing and selling 101.

This 30 second pitch can also be considered your value proposition. Its how you differentiate
what you do from your competition.

Then you can visit with the Godfather and he can make it into a visual value proposition
so your message reaches more folks and closes them easier.

Here is an example. I recently worked with a real estate tycoon up north... and here is his visual value proposition.


Its simple he helps his clients "double their assets
every two years."

He has a system to help them do this.

What's your value proposition?

How can we visualize it to make it stick with your audience!?!

Look forward to helping you answer these two questions above.

Go here http://www.adtoons.com/free_consultation.html
and get in line to work with the best for unusual marketing that converts.

See you on the other side.


Vince Palko


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