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Stupid Marketing Mistakes

When businesses take their game to the web, the first thing they do is figure out how to design it.   So they gather up all their competition’s websites, promotional literature and make it similar or slightly different.  Thinking they’ll fit into the crowd. 

Take the Search Engine industry, for example, before Google came out and launched simplified interface everyone had tons of garbage on the main page.  Since Google’s revolutionary style they all have worked to simplify their interfaces.

This is the dumbest idea one could ever have. I call this the dumb Copy Cat Syndrome. The trick in marketing is NOT to make your website blend in. Rather, to STAND OUT!

So they get a super professional logo produced costing them $30- $50k (or more).

Gathering up businesses marketing material and printing off their websites of competitors is a good first step.  

Step two is a bit different in my opinion.   Don't blend in and try to have a consistent look and feel.  Or try and look super professional and have a corporate design.  Do the opposite.  If you're competitors have a bunch of colorful images, get more content then them and be known as the “informed” business.  

Also, never underestimate the use of cartoons for entertainment, too.   Use funny illustrations and cartoons to break up the content and bring some levity to your daily readers -- when you can’t be there to do so.

Brainstorm ways to stand out and not blend in.

Cartoons are a great way to promote special offers and draw attention to certain features on your website.



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