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Sports Illustrated's Comic Cover

A few weeks ago I pulled the mail out of the box and almost lost my balance.
I came across the new S.I. cover and was shocked.

It was awesome.

A comic style drawing graced the cover of Sports Illustrated- totally unprecedented. You can google SI and comic cover and probably find it.

The professionally designed piece was an image of Florida Marlins Carl Crawford hoisting
New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter above his head (in a I have just been conquered pose - HELP).

I dont follow baseball but apparently, the Marlins have been whoopin on the Yanks.

So I asked myself the question could this image be done in a photo?

Hells no. Two reasons.

Reason number one. Jeter would never agree to
such a staged, compromising position.

Reason number two. Even if Jeter did agree - the pose is virtually impossible
to recreate. Between gravity and a fist being thrust in his back, he could throw
out his back or get hurt some other way.

And 'Ole George Steinbrenner wouldnt stand for that.

So besides the angle (low camera making the subject look huge and powerful) ... what makes the image super dynamic is the fact that it bends reality.

This is a good example of shock style marketing.

In marketing there are times to use photos and time to use cartoons.

What I will cover is when to use cartoons.

First though, lets look to the Shock Jocks, like Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh (love
em or hate em), for insight. Yes, they attract a lot of attention. Its because every ounce of blood in them can be considered controversial. And controversy sells.

Now can you create controversy with an illustration.

Most definitely.

Just ask the radical Islamists when a couple of our political cartoonists took pot shots at their religion.

Shock waves were felt 'round the world.

So find ways to push the envelope. When you get an idea look me up... I love to work with
bold, brash business folks who want to carve out a name for themselves.

Dan Kennedy does this as well as many other marketers like Matthew Furey, Scott Tucker and Yanik Silver.


Vincent Palko

The Godfather of Cartoons

P.S. I write more about when to use photos and when to use cartoons to best promote
your business... in my book, The Art of Selling Using Cartoons. Grab a copy now...
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