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The Power of An Illustration in Promo Copy

Inside one copy writing course reveals a sales letter for someone selling life insurance. Its interesting to study.

Along with the great copy and title, is a powerful image of an empty pair of shoes.  The title

above that image of shoes said something to the tune of “What will you leave your family when you are gone?”  Listing off several bills and expenses for the family to fend for, it got the point across quickly -- to stir the emotion of regret.

The illustration of the single pair of empty shoes was daunting.  No one wants to be the one who leaves his/her family nothing behind.  We all are trying to outdo what our parents did for us. 

So this powerful image shows you how illustrations can augment a powerful title and enhance it even further.  The ad connects with a daily task we all have to do -- put our shoes on and take them off.  Also, shoes are hard to fill when the person who wore them is gone.

Associating with something a prospect can identify with is a powerful way to get your prospects to buy.

After reading the article I thought about the shoes and how they were perfect for stirring emotion in the reader.

1. Shoes are used everyday by everyone

2. Shoes can be visualized being left behind

3. Shoes are hard to fill when someone leaves

Bottom line:  If you can paint a picture of their future good or bad – you will have effectively done your job as a marketer and pumped your merchant account full of orders.  In this case, empty shoes did the job.



Vince Palko


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