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Do You Have a Moneymaking Name?


Went to see the new Rocky movie a couple of months ago.

After the movie, I wrote down these names. I wrote 'em down and am just getting around to finishing what I wanted to tell you about them.

First the names.  And if you are familiar with Rocky, these names will ring a bell.


Apollo Creed

Spider Rico

Clubber Lang-- Mr. T's character

Tommy Gun

Ivan Drago

Thunder Lips -- Hulk Hogan's character

Yo Adrianne

Yo Pauly

Yo Butkis -- the old dog

Punchy --the new dog

Go back to the top and read them out loud if you didn’t already.

Why do you think Sylvester had every character's name in the movie fun to say and easy to remember?


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He did this with specific intent.  In the latest movie he even hints around to it when naming the new dog.

To draw you into each character like this makes it feels as if you know them.  And so the characters will be memorable.

It works; it’s a great formula.  These characters and stories behind them made Sylvester a very wealthy man.

How can you create your own name that’s fun to say and easy to Remember?  If you can do this, you will market your product you'll be light years ahead of your competition.

I give you a simple formula to follow in my new book "The Art of Selling Using Cartoons."

One of my main clients Matt Furey is known as the Fure-Cat. He is also known as the Zen Master of the Internet. Both are fun to say and easy to remember.  And both make him millions in terms of marketing himself on the Internet.

When you have something in mind, come see me and we can make it even more marketable by creating a cartoon of it.

You know ... only famous people have cartoons created for them.  And this is how cartoons are perceived by your prospects.  Plus, having a cartoon is a good way to connect with your audience that very few marketers and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of.

Remember:  Everyone looks better as a cartoon.


Vince Palko

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