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Marketing 101 Taught by Ray Lewis


If you watched the Super Bowl you saw a
host of new commercials by companies vying for your attention.

Some were funny some were dumb.
But I'm not here to comment on either of these themes.

I wanna share with you one key component
all of them try to include in there 30 second/
1 minute spots and that is shock value.

Take the one fruit drink commercial where it shows
rough tough football players (like Ray Lewis) dressed in
tights dancing like ballerinas.

It's almost as bad as watching a grown man
dance naked. Makes you cringe.

This is shock value. And if this isn't enough they have
cartoon lizards mixed in with real action video. These annoying
creatures are scattered throughout the dance - literally.

The cartoon lizards add contrast from
the real dancers in 3D graphics and give it the over the edge pop
needed for a bizzare and memorable commercial experience.
I can still see one of the dragons flying at the viewer for an alarming effect.

That brings me to your marketing. You don't have to dress up
in tights and dance around a set to command
attention when someone new visits your site.

Simply create a cartoon full of life and personality to do
the work for you. This in essence is hypnotic because it breaks
the visitor out of their trance and STOPS them in their tracks. They'll want to
explore more about you and your business.

Many of my clients like to display their Adtoons on their
blogs because that is where they reveal more of their
personal side behind their business.

You want to have all the tools in place to develop that bond
with your audience for a long sustainable relationship.
Cartoons,eh hem, Adtoons do this instantly one you post it to your website.

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