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Make 'em Laugh and Take their Muneey

A couple weeks ago Fedex guy shows up at my doorstep with a check in an envelope for a very large sum of muneey.

Along with that check, the Mr Fedex handed me a differnt package and inside my advanced copy of Dan Kennedy's new book called, "Make 'em Laugh and Take their Money."

This book is not available on Amazon. He self-published it so no editor could ruin it. He has sold copies ONLY to his tight niche of followers.

Quite a controversial title but if you know Dan, he doesnt care.

I gotz to thinkin at that very moment. Although
the near term sizable check was warmly welcomed,
I held both up in the air and asked myself which one
would be more valuable in the long run.

I'd knew beyond a shadow of a doubt - it was
the thick Kinko's perfect bound material - hands down.

Finding ways to humorously entertain your audience is
the baseline to grow your biz. But his book is so much
more than that.

It's a wonderful read and vital to anyone in the writing, speaking or publishing business.

In fact, it applies to any business owner who wants to grow their
business. Let's go inside my work flow and take a look
at a work in progress website developed by my team for some clues.

My client, Jeff, owns a company that specializes in boat canvas repair and finishing work.
Not an online based business at all. However, no one searches
the Yellow Pages anymore, so this smart business owner
had us not only create the website but also optimize it for Google.

You can view his Boat Canvas Shop here.

Jeff provided feedback the other day. When he forwarded his site to friends and family,
"they got a good chuckle." They laughed at my cartoon with needle
in hand stitching away.

No, Jeff doesnt do the actual sewing but its part of
creating a unique memory anchor is his prospects minds for
future use.

"Thats good my friend - we are on our way to growing your
business and helping you stand out from the crowd," I smiled.

Jeff loved that instant bound he is now creating with his audience.

I would show you the before shot of his site, but its absolutely horrifying to look at.


Now how can we do the same for you and your business?

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Vince Palko

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