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Does Nike Know How to Market Lebron

If you haven't been following basketball lately, here's the latest.

Cleveland has swept Detroit and Atlanta.


Finally, a winning team in the town
that critics through the years have called the Mistake on the Lake.

Not no more.

No sir.

This as an aside, Cleveland has not had a championship
in at least the last 40 years in any of the sports; basketball, football,
and baseball. This year, the chances are great as the Cleveland
juggernaut continues to mow over opponents left and right.

Anyway, there was some heated debates
who should get the MVP this year.

Lebron won over Kobe Bryant.
Another aside, they presented Lebron with his MVP
trophy at my old High School which also happens
to be Lebrons too. Was great for the city of Akron.

If Cleveland gets past this next opponent
then most likely they will face the Lakers.

Given all this context setting information,
check out this commercial...

This piece is a parody on the previous Nike
commercial glamorizing Lebrons pre-game
powder throwing ritual.

In essence, its a character spoof of both Lebron and Kobe.

Bottom line: Its hilarious and grabs your attention.
Much like how AdToons grab your prospect - using
puppets in place of people - its different and unique.

If you cant find a way to make a puppet of yourself
then simply use a captivating cartoon to market
your product or service.

This will hold your audience's attention so
that you may provide your USP to improve
your prospects life or business.

Learn from Nike and go against the grain
of traditional marketing to stand out amongst a crowd.

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If I decide to work with you, I'll look forward to bringing
your charismatic cartoon and landing page to life
in the form of an AdToon.

These cartoons are not for everyone. Only those
marketers with a ton of personality who want
to attract a huge herd.


Vince Palko

The Lead Generation Sensation

Author of The Art of Selling Using Cartoons

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