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Hypnotic Marketing Ideas

I need your help.

But before I enlist that, let me share with you an AdToons client that Im working with who lives in Beverly Hills.

He is the Lasik surgeon to the stars.

A sharp cookie he is and his name is Dr. Brian.

When we began work on his cartoon Doc wanted to get at the emotional aspect of
what his clients feel after their vision has been corrected.

He shared stories of how in his office he has a sledge hammer that clients use
to smash the glasses to living pieces that kept them in prison for a good part of their life.

Dr. Brian is a good example of people in businesses that COULD say "but my business
is different." and also that cartoons would not go well with my audience. After all, going under the laser is a serious topic.

However, he doesnt.

He understands the power of creating an emotional connection with his audience.

And he also understands that if his competitors are not using cartoons, then THAT'S a GOOD THING. He's not a herd follower. And that's why his business thrives while others "dries" up.

When prospects come to his site ... they will be awakened by something different.

I was reading Joe Vitale's book on Hypnotic Writing while sitting on the throne this morning.
In it he talks about how most people walk around in a trance all day. And the hypnosis that writing can put people into is not a TRANCE by any means... but an awakening to and directing
their focus on what you have to offer ... by producing engaging copy.

Although this is in the context of copy writing, it works wonders when marketing using cartoons as well.

So think of ways you can awaken your prospects to sit up and pay attention to your offering.

And maybe we can work together in the future to visualize what that idea is.

I look forward to learning more about you and your business. If you are interested in a FREE
Cartoon Consultation, then sign-up here and get in line pronto...

Spots are filling up fast.

Best regards,

Vincent Palko

P.S. Oh yeah, I almost forgot... the help I asked you for at the begining of this email. Dr. Brian's cartoon is here... http://www.adtoons.com/clients/b_wachler/01_cartoon.html

Check it out and let me know what you think. At one point in the process we kicked around the idea of having him as SuperMan breaking the client out of the eye glass prison they've been living in. Scroll down and view the two different directions we arrived at. Which do you like...

1) Option 1.0 - Brainstorm Update
2) Option 2.0 - Detailed vector art

Yes, one is more detailed than the other. I realize this. The question I want answered is which concept is more effective in your opinion - the breaking out of jail or smashing glasses. Responses from people who wear glasses is even better feedback to gather. Thanks much!

Highlights from many of your responses:

From: a lifelong four-eyes, waaaay east of you.

Hey Vincent,

I've worn glasses and contacts for most of my 28 years of life (hearing aids too).

To be blunt, the jail idea sucks... I'd love to burn my contacts and SMASH my glasses with a sledge hammer :) So my pick is the hammer idea.

Andy Moose
GKIC Gold/Luxury Member


Hi Vince,

Just love your work and the personal attention in your emails.

Quick opinion. I love the smashing of the Glasses, but in the first
Adtoon at the top, I could not easily tell it was glasses he was smashing.
Once I looked down at the other pics, then it made sense, but my first
look at the Adtoon I could not tell what he was smashing glasses or if it was just
something being smashed on the ground.

My personal favorite is like the 3rd one from the bottom, Version 1.0, where
the guy is just raising his hands and crushing his glasses in his hands and
looks so happy and free!!! Just a great visual and positive. Might not even need
the jail/prison as the expression on his face and glasses being crushed in bare
hands says it all.

Take care,




Dr. Brian, option 2.

Could he use a testimonial from a famous pawnbroker ... I should get mine




The fellow smashing the glasses has his eyes closed, which makes him look to me like he's blind - don't think you want that look. The concept that you want, I think, is the freedom that the doc brings (leading me to think he should look like a doc). The freedom should take precident over the hammer. I also like the "crunch" in his hands too; I think because it demphasizes the smashing of the glasses and emphasizes the freedom of seeing well.

Best Regards,
Adrian Dean Horien


The glasses being smashed sells the message! Ron


Hi Mein Freund Vincent Van Gogh.... I mean Palko..... hahahah :)

Here's my 2 cents..... on Dr. Boxler's toon.

I had detached retinas and many surgeries over the past 14 years to save my eyesight and correct my vision. Had it not been for the brilliant team of specialists here in Las Vegas, I would not see today. Am sure Dr. Boxler is one fine surgeon of same caliber. A Rescuer. A Healer. A Restorer of Life Vision.

I Have lens implants and have had laser surgery too.

My doctor, Dr. Emily Fant, also corrected Tiger Woods eyes with laser surgery.

I always tell her that she is the good fairy who granted me my vision back - life vision. For me a transformation happened when threatened with going blind permanently. I actually had to go legally blind..... to regain vision..... in my mind. That started changing my whole life. When my sight was fully restored, I transformed my life.

I always tell Dr. Fant, she is the Fairy Godmother of my eyesight. She granted my sight back..... but more than that..... I got the inner vision first - that vision that I needed to transform my life!

That's where Tiger gets his vision from. Its inward first - then outward. As we see when he performs magic on the golf course. (by the way..... I have seen the I in Tiger written as a lightning bolt)..

Dr. Boxler, The Wizard of Vision or The Third Eye of Sight, or Zeus throwing a Lightning Bolt of Corrective Vision?

Maybe too esoteric,,,, but nevertheless, some insights to toy with!

Lotsa Love,



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