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How to Write a Book Fast

Wanna know a tip to make your product easier to create.

Well, check this out...

Many of my members are folks who are
in the info publishing business
and many are just starting out.

Hey look, you can start taking advantage of
additional revenue streams by creating
e-books, regular books, courses and so on.

What stops most people - or slows most
people- is the monumental task of getting
the project done.

I know. I have been there before.

The first book I wrote was written in 7 months.

The second was written in half the time...
or at least the core of the book, that is.

Most people take years to write their book.
In both of mine, I knocked 'em out fast because
of one thing.

In all of my books I use visuals and graphics
as much as possible.

There are many reasons for this
and today I will share 2 of them with you.

1) Your book / manual is easier to create.

2) Your audience will be engaged for a longer period
of time.

3) Information will stick long after they read the material

I've had folks email me saying how much they've enjoy my
books and that their kids even pick them up
and read through them.

I take that as a compliment because it takes a lot
to hold a child's interest. Especially these days!

So my point to you is... if you have been sitting on
a project you've been wanting to get done, or
have an idea for a book, get cartoons or illustrations
to fill your book so you have less writing to DO.

It makes your product more valuable because
you appeal to a wider audience who learns

I have worked with Dan Kennedy, Jeff Kaller
and many others to do the same for their books
and courses.

Your illustrations dont have to be final art,
which costs more than pencil sketches.

In my newest book, Tackling Life's Problems
I included over a dozen pencil renderings that
helped tell my story and helped me get the
damn thing DONE.

Dan Kennedy wrote me a personal note once his book was
done. It said, "I wish the whole book went as smoothly
and fast as the cartoons!"

If you have a monumental project in
the works that needs to be transformed into
a easy, achievable task, then send my office
an email and put in the subject area, I want
AdToons for my book- NOW@!

And I look forward to working with you!


Vince Palko
The Lead Generation Sensation

Author of The Art of Selling Using Cartoons

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