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How to Get Your Prospects to Buy

I was ready to cry.

Twas in Big Box usa store returning a piece of crap
battery recharger for my video camera.

Walked up to the customer service counter and waited in line.

Stood 5 feet behind one guy before me.

I couldnt help but notice the sappy song
blairing over the loud speaker.

Something about... "HOW do I breathe without youuu.... How will I ever, ever survive...
so how do I ... how do I breeeeathe..."

After a few minutes of hearing this garbage ... I said to the guy in front
of me, "I'm ready to cry."


I said, "I'm ready to cry with this music playing."

He couldnt hear me above the noise.

When he understood what I said -- I thought he was going
to laugh himself right out of his skin.

The customer clerk said, "Yeah, at least you dont have to listen
to this all day long, all week long."

Here was this 6'2" 240lb big guy sharing his emotions with total strangers
and somehow that tickled their funny bones.

And its true. I could feel my emotions swinging into a past experience.

I mean this music was loud and obnoxious.

The marketers at Big Box usa are smart - dough. I mean though.

The songs are tapping into their customers emotions
when they come into the store.

We are all sentient beings. The sights, sounds, smells that surround us impact our behaviour.
And our buying behaviors.

The markeitng directors at the store know by playing that sappy song it taps into our emotions. Someone somewhere will have had a relationship with another person and it went really well. Therefore when they hear that song, it will put them in a good feeling state. And they might say to themselves I want to buy something more to keep this good feeling lasting. Good enough to maybe even buy something they normally would not have.

Or on the contrary the song might have drudged up a bad memory. A relationship
gone wrong. And the shopper might think of that person and a swarm of regret, anger and sorrow will well up inside. Something that will remind them of their dismal past. Feeling bad is yet another peek emotion that store marketers can capitalize on to make more sales. A customer might subconsciously buy more to make the bad feelings go away.

Not only was I ready to cry. I was ready to buy something even though I was only
in the store to return an item.

To the average Joe or Jane, they have no idea what is happening. But it is.

So what do cartoons have to do with this.

When you have a cartoon displayed on your site. It makes prospects smile.
Smile on the outside or at least on the inside.

Everyone has grown up with cartoons at some time or another;
Mighty Mouse, Tom and Jerry, and yes, definitely Mickey Mouse.

Cartoons have a way of re-connecting with everyones inner child.

This puts people in a good feeling state to make a purchase.

I heard somewhere that a prospect bases their decision to
buy not on trust, not on your promise but if they LIKE you or not.

You can build your likeable persona with funny cartoons that pops-up in your prospects
face as soon as they log onto your site.

To hear more about the physcology of selling, be sure to
grab my new book, The Art of Selling Using Cartoons.

This cartoon form of selling isnt new. There is a bonus chapter where the amazing
Dr. Sues showcases his cartoon ads from the early 1940's.
This is worth the entire book on its own. Something that you wont find anywhere else.

And when you see how I break down the genius that lies in each ad you will be amazed
at the technique he worked with.

My book has been purchased by legendary Dan Kennedy himself.
And is a UNIQUE marketing resource to have in your library.

Right up there will all of Kennedy's books.

Now, lets make a sale or three today!




Vince Palko

Ps. Yes, I will be in Washington speaking at Dan's Free Sales Seminar
on September 29-30th. If that weekend is open - I believe there still are seats
available. Would love to meet you face to face.


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