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Hollywood, Here We DON'T Come

I was at a recent conference where I heard of a couple of marketers going to Hollywood to film video and market their products with. Get this, they booked a flight, got in a cab, traveled to a remote location to get in front of the camera. They shot the film in about a three hours then got back in the cab drove to the airport and flew home.

Don't get me wrong what they produced was a good video. That is if you have $20k to drop on a 1-minute spot.

Now, one of the reasons cartoons can enhance your marketing is because everytime someone looks at a cartoon on the web or on TV – the good cartoons resemble what is created within Disney and Hollywood.

So this is the fastest, cheapest way to turn into an instant celebrity without leaving your house (or seat for that matter).

Cartoons Make You Larger Than Life!   Naturally, this is what registers in the mind of a prospect when they see one.  Our minds have been trained that way.  Maybe one too many Disney and Pixar films along the way.  And that’s just how your marketing should be – LARGER THAN LIFE.

In my new book, I cover more off on how cartoons give your marketing a Hollywood make-over http://www.adtoons.com/products/art_of-selling.html.

And who doesn’t want to associate with a celebrity? 

The best part is we do all the work for you. You sit back and snap a couple of shots from the comforts of your own home and send them to us. We'll create your Superstar-like cartoon to post on your website.

Its that simple.

Well, kinda. At least on your end.



Vince Palko





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