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Is Your Website Header Hellacious Too?

Boy (and girl), there are some hellacious website headers on the Net these days.

There are the ones that are ALL glitzy and gorgeous.

There are the ones with robot created text used as a logo.

There are ones with neither.

You know the ones with NO HEADER at 'tal.

All that wasted space.

Its a crying shame.

Whats amazing to me is how many folks miss the boat on key design elements but more
importantly business growing features.

In order to attract a whopping herd of followers, there are secret ingredients that are a MUST to include in every header.

Why the header?

Well, this is the part of the website wherein prospects see no matter how they enter your funnel. They see your header first 100% of the time.

I'll give you a couple hints.

Your header should incorporate the 3 Killer B's; BE designed professionally, BE entertaining and BE functional. By functional, I mean functionally designed to capture the "maybe's'.

Let's dive into these Killer B's a sec:

1) A professional design is a flection of YOU in your prospects eyes. Dont use the amateur designer or designer disguised as a web gal because he/she is cheaper. You pay for what you get.

2) An entertaining header uses imagery that makes the prospects stop and notice or gives them a warm as cozy feeling. Another little secrets is animating art - in the header - provides an instant entertaining appeal.

3) Make it functional. There are three kinds of prospects
that hit your website; people who say yes and buy your product, people who say no, and those that say maybe. What are you doing to capture the folks who say maybe?

We'll leave it at that. That should give you enough to focus on for now.

Yes, my designs are more than just a pretty picture, all the designs I create are developed with a specific intent, how to generate more leads and make more money for your business.

AdToons are not for everyone though, my services arent cheap.

If you want a professional header design, then run over to this page and sign-up. This page is part of my ongoing filtering process. http://www.adtoons.com/free_consultation.html
No, I dont work with just anyone. It has to be the right fit.

So after you fill out the form and you fit the right criteria, my office with contact you.

I look forward to doing a makeover on your existing business website or a dynamic new one for a NEW business idea.

Ciao for now,

Vince Palko
The Lead Generation Sensation

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