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Graphic Designers vs The Godfather

By Vince Palko

Check out some awesome feedback below..

First though, a bit about the guy I worked with on a recent project involving motor sports.

Yep, thats right, this note comes from a guy who is in the motor sports industry. He sells motorcycles, waverunners, snow mobiles, and just about anything that runs on a two stroke engine. Now I'm pretty 'left handed' when it comes to fixing engines and talking bout big motors and such.

However, I can draw and draw a mighty fine cycle with
all the parts and Rod atop of it. (I promise its not a cockiness
its confidence!)

Anyway, this is an industry perfect for an AdToon because most the the meat head owners dont know first clue how to market themselves charismatically to rise above all the other competition.

Cept Rod.

His renegade style of marketing was how he rose above his competition who prescribed to the bland stye of marketing. Or otherwise known as "No balls" marketing.

Rod understands the power of differentiation and
engaging his audience in a fun, smile generating way.
He also understands you have to be a bit different than
your main competitors if you want to stay afloat in a
challenging market like we are in.

Rod is taking his renegade style marketing
that has made his business successful
and is now turning it into a coaching program.

And this is the toon we created... You can visit his motorsport cartoon here:

So this motorcycle character we created needed a title. We crafted the Marketing Maverick to tag along with the AdToon. The tattoo font of the Maverick drives home the point of being a renegade. The toon and text will be placed on his CDs, DVDs, a website, a binder cover.

And this next paragraph was waiting for me this morning
in my email inbox and I just wanted to share.

"I have graphic designers on staff who I work with on a regular basis to build and design our custom courses.They do exactly what I tell them to do, yet the outcome is often not what I expected. Working with Vince was completely different. He asked critical questions to clearly understand my vision and offered several options for me to choose from. Simply put, Vince brought much more value to the table than just 'building the graphics' he was an integral part of creating the concept, which is often times the hardest part. Thanks Vince"

Rod Stuckey
The Dealership University 'Marketing Maverick'

So if you too want someone to help you think through killer concepts to make your marketing ring, and clang, and buzz, to separate yourself from the mass of boring sh-- out there - then get in line and sign up for a phree consultation with yours truly, the Godfather of Cartoon
Marketing. This is a $97 value, which may be even higher than that eh, Rod?

Hurry, dont wait run over to my Free Cartoon Consulation page NOW.

And if you think you can use a typical graphics to do a Godfathers job. Its much more messy to clean up a job than to start fresh.

Plus, you also dont want to find a horses head
in your bed the da next morning - either. Right?


Run over here NOW and get the job done right
and for FREE!


Vincent Palko

The Godfather of Cartoon Marketing

Author of The Art of Selling Using Cartoons



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