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Get Yourself a Cartoon

By James Whelan

I just commissioned another cartoon of the ad worlds #1 Cowboy...me.

I love cartoons, and so do most people that I know. They're fun, and they make people laugh, so I'm all for that. They also make people remember who you are, just like a rhinestone studded red, white, and blue tuxedo that I happen to own. The tuxedo is one of a collection of exotic tuxedos that I wear when the occassion calls for it. Which is anytime I feel like putting it on.

Just like the tuxedos are my thing, cartooning is the thing of a good friend of mine named Vince Palko. Vince was a preety good football player in his day, and retired before taking too many shots to head, which would have made him a bit like the dearly departed Jerry Ford, who could
stumble on cue. Vince can mumble on cue...did I say that? No, the truth is that he's a very articulate guy, actually able to string three or four words together in a row. That ain't bad
for a former profession footballer.

I'm joking here.

Vince just went into business for himself a few weeks back, and he already has some big name clients, including me. He has already done cartoons for some huge internet marketers,
and they work tremendously well.

You can see some of his work, and the testimonials, at:


The proof is in the pudding, or drawing, as would be the case with Vince. Right now he is sitting in his art room with one of those goofy french hats hanging on the side of his red, trying to remember what goes with purple.

I tried calling, so I could yell, "Nothing!" but he wasn't picking up his phone. At least not for me anyway, because we just talked, and he took a good chunk of my money, and he's probably at the bank, making sure my check clears.

If you're in the market for a cartoon, Vince is your man.

You heard it here first.

From the big saddle,

Jim Whelan

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