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The Power of An Illustration in Promo Copy


Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you understand how important Twitter is to your marketing success.

Social network sites has become a new channel for driving folks to your website for fahree! It is a perfect feeding ground for generating leads.

If you want to generate more leads on Twitter, it's all a numbers game. The more you have the more opportunity you have to get eye balls on featured services and products that you offer.

Now for a quick story.

Last weekend I was playing outside with my kids enjoying a nice spring day. The neighbor boy came over and all four kids were vying for my attention.

"Hey Mr. Palko, look at this."

Hey Dad, watch me do this."

Hey, Dad, over here."

"Look at me Dad."

Non stop, over and over these pleas went.

I enjoyed the attention and smiled to myself. One day, it may not be like this - so enjoy it while you can, man. I said to myself.

The funny thing is one would think this insatiable thirst for attention would go away as we grow older.

But it doesnt.

I heard someone say once, "Most people wear an invisible shirt that says I wanna be noticed."

Perfect example is everyone racing to have a huge following on Twitter, Facebook and any other future social media buzz about to hit the scene.

As marketers we all want to be noticed and to stand out from the crowd.

Have you ever noticed how many Twitter followers are using cartoons as their avatar? There are some but not many. This is good. This is good news for you.

That means you can stand out from the Twitter wall on the right side and attract future followers to your Tweets. IT ALSO MEANS you can dazzle your viewers when they hit your page and wow them with an engagingly cool image.

That is why we created the AdToon Avatar to promote you and your brand.

If you've always wanted to see yourself cartoonized, then this is your chance.

Like a Hoover vacuum, suck more people into your funnel on Twitter by engaging them with your tweets and with a colorful avatar image next to your post.

My account has only been up for a short time and I have leads pouring in everyday in my Twitter account.

These avatars are like tattoos. Once you have one, you'll want more and more. One for every season.

These custom commissioned toons are highly discounted and wont be available forever.
Run to AdToons Avatars and pick up your lead generation piece NOW.


Vince Palko

The Lead Generation Sensation

P.S. This is first come first served. So no whiners if you get stuck behind a heavy load of other folks being decisive on producing their lead generation graphics. Run to http://www.adtoons.com/products/adtoons-avatar.html

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