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Fortune Favors the Bold

Here is a negative belief that
holds business owners back in their marketing.

"If I make a wrong decision, that is a bad thing."
This belief causes fear.

Let me let you in on a clue ... Making NO decision is a mistake.

In football, our coaches used to tell us that if we are
going to make a mistake, do it a 110%. This statement permitted us
to NOT be tentative on the football field.

You cannot make good decisions if you
are fearful or tentative - heck you cannot make
any decisions in this state.

Instead, adopt the mentality of ready, shoot, aim.

This belief means that you try something, and
if it does not work, you do not
get hung up about it. Conversely, you will fire again
until you hit your target.

Let’s say that you are struggling to find a title that works for an ad.
I have found that “hemming and hahing” will get you nowhere.
This situation is even truer when the publisher needed the advertisement
two hours ago.

Choose something - knowing that it will most likely be
adjusted down the line and tweaked to generate better results.

I was at a conference recently
and could discern successful
business owners from unsuccessful ones
without them saying a word.

Some were tentative and others wanted to know
exactly how I could improve their business.

Asking all the right questions
and not batting an eye at doing a test to see
if my approach could assist them.

A good marketer understands that not everyone has
the same buying behavior as they do. So its
important not to judge certain marketing approaches
and techniques until tested in
the marketplace.

Then and only then is when you judge.

So what kind of marketer are you?

Tentative or aggressive.

If you are aggressive in trying
new things, I'd love to show
you how I can help your business.

Simply go here to take the quick tour
and I'll talk to you soon.


Vince Palko

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