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How to Get Noticed in a Sea of Emails

Here's a lil' email trivia for ya.

It is known that there are over 3 billion emails sent everyday. And over 55 billion email spam sent everyday.

Let me repeat, thats billiuhn not milliuhn.

Many online businesses have email newsletters that customers subscribe to.

Many customers subscribe to numerous newsletters.

Bottom line, the average Joe and Jane receive at least 70 emails a day.
And that's on a slow day.

Its getting tougher and tougher to stand out from the other emails
that compete for your customers attention. There is only so much time
during the day to spend on reading email. And even if another email might
not be a competitor's products... it competes for your customers time.

One strategy my clients use to stand out from the rest is to
integrate cartoons into their email broadcasts. Also, they spice up there
email signatures with the AdToons we create for them.

Now most people if they have an email signature have something that is not
memorable. A simple name and address and contact info.


You need something that makes someone smile or
get excited receiving an email message from you.

AdToons work tremendously to do this. One client recently
included his AdToon (cartoon) in his email layout and it
has dramatically improved his attention time with his clients.
More importantly - his sales have increased.

In my book, 'The Art of Selling Using Cartoons,' I talk about how my AdToons differentiate
you from your competition. It all has to do with capturing your own spirit and
bringing it to life.

When you do this good things happen.

The main thing is you'll stand out because no one else out there
will have a cartoon that looks like yours.
That's if they even have a cartoon to start with.

You will stand out from the crowd when you have the courage
to be REAL and be true to YOU.

Read more about this in The Art of Selling Using Cartoons.

One last thing, people are raving about the amazing discounts
that are in the back of the book. So even if you are not in
the market for a cartoon now, you'll want to secure a book NOW
in order to get these discounts.

My supply is down to 47 books in this first print run.

The link to order the book and the plethora of
other items that come with the package is here ...
The Art of Selling Using Cartoons.


Vince Palko

Ps. Be unique, be you -- stand out from the crowd - even if you
have zero personality. Find out how to do this inside
The Art of Selling Using Cartoons.





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