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Dan Kennedy Markets Using Cartoons

I have been away for a long, long time and have not written.

But I have been thinking about you.

I've been wanting to share the good news and just havent had an available second to do so.

Why. Well, read on.

Earlier in the year, I went out to my mailbox and found a letter with a check in it from
none other that Dan Kennedy.

The guy who has made more people milliunaihers than anybody else around.

Dan invested in my book, The Art of Selling Using Cartoons and said he was a "big fan."
The legendary marketing and sales guru is a fan. Now thats super cool. That explains the hair on the back of my neck standing straight up walking back from my mailbox that day.

Because I was a fan of his long before he even knew I existed.

A few months went by and one day a FEDEX envelope appeared on my front door step. Return address Dan Kennedy.

It was an offer to illustrate his next book.

And that puts us right where we are now.

I just finished up several cartoons for Dan's new book, NO BS MANAGEMENT OF PEOPLE AND PROFITS.

Dan knows the benefits of cartoons. So much so he included 12 of mine in the book itself.

If you are familiar with his book series, this will follow suite with the rest. At one point during the correspondence he said, "Man I wish the whole book could be this easy."

All Dan did was outline theme for each cartoon, gave instructions on the conversation text and that was it. I took it from there. A good chunk of his book will require no extra content from him.

So thats my tip for you today. When you are creating products, manuals, books, and so on ... not only do you add personality to the book and make people laugh -- you also fill it up giving you less work to do. This gives you the ability to get it done kwuicker and with less effort.

And that's good because soon as you get an idea, the faster you get it to market, the better off you will be. Reason being; muhneey is attracted to speed.


Vince Palko

Ps. Ever since Dan has began promoting me, my waiting list has GROWN considerably.
I guess its good for me, bad for people who want artwork done immediately. To get mega discounts on all services I provide, be sure to pick up my newest book called
The Art of Selling Using Cartoons.



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