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AdToons™ as Seen on CNBC

Small businesses make up 3/4 of all businesses in the states. They are the backbone of our economy. Yes, Google was once a small business that started in a garage.

Anyways, last week I got some good news about a small business making a big impact in its own little niche. One of my clients, Lance Mason founder of PickUp 101 was promoted on CNBC.

Lance is the "King of Confidence." And thats the image we created for him. You can check out the King of Confidence cartoon in the video clip above.

Its a quick blip but it shows Lance pulling up his AdToon. This is huge considering millions of people will be watching. He is branding his unique service with a funny cartoon.

Now ance could have showed his website that is a boring framed browser with words inside to the CNBC audience. But who's going to remember that. It's no different that the millions and millions of websites already out there.

Instead, he showed his AdToon - The King of Confidence. Now that's smart marketing.

If you want to join the Cartoon Marketing Revolution, and have your image (and business) wildly exaggerated to stand out from your competition, follow this link http://www.adtoons.com/. Be the first to get in line cause business is Boomin'.

Adtoons has done work for doctors, lawyers and online businesses of all kinds. If you are interested in turning your marketing around then you need a cartoon created for your business.

I look forward to bringing your character to life!


Vince Palko





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