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4 Reasons Why Cartoons Attract a Huge Herd

Dear Adtoon Reader,

The other day I received a note asking... "Vince, why do I
need to use cartoons in my marketing."

Its not the first email I’ve received asking that question,
so today’s note will center on that theme.

First, you don’t NEED to do anything.
However, if you want to multiply your herd,
here are 4 Reasons Why Cartoons Attract a Huge Following:

1) Avoid blending into the sea of messages
an average person gets bombarded with on a daily basis.
We are talking upwards to 900 messages a day - from email,
to marketing ads, to text messages, etc.

2) Attract a bigger following by being perceived of as funny
and entertaining when your audience visits your website.
I say perceived of as funny because when I meet my readers
they say my stuff is funny. I don’t think of myself as a “funny” person, but I am not going to tell them that.

Here is one example to illustrate this point, literally and figuratively. I saw this online this morgen (morning). The Today show is using a cartoon of Kathy Lee behind her in the backdrop. Why do this? Check out the screen cap of the video above.

Because the cartoon is much more glamorous,
attractive and entertaining compared to Kathy Lee.
(Bah, dump, bump… Where's Max Weinberg
with the drum when you need him).

The reason is because it gives Kathy and her partner
a more perceived entertaining quality. It also reveals that Mega Stars have cartoons created of them. When you include AdToons in your marketing, you have star quality appeal in the eyes of your prospects.

3) Avoid the prospect putting up her "dont sell to me guard"
by getting them to relax and smile when they
see your cartoon. If your cartoon can drop their
dukes even halfway, you have an edge on your competition.

4) Create a lasting impression for life with your
prospect. The more outlandish you get,
the better the chances to plant a memory
anchor in your prospects mind to keep them
coming back for more. Especially if you have a
killer title to go along with your cartoon.
I will talk to prospects and they now call me
The Godfather. Its pretty bizarre to first hear this.
Then you get used to it.

My point is they now have me and my Rolls Royce lodged
into their unconscious mind. So when they need my services
they know where to go.

Psst. Here’s a secret, I don’t have a Rolls yet.
A Rolls is more outlandish than my Taurus, so that’s why
I use it. So there you have 4 Reasons Why Cartoons
Attract a Huge Following.

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Vince Palko

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